Gothic ornament in architecture

Gothic ornament in architecture and interior

The Gothic style appeared in France in the twelfth century. It arose on the basis of the Romanesque style, which used the principle of clarity and transparency, the pursuit of constructive openness. The buildings and houses in the Gothic style are delicate, here applies the principle of uniformity of forms, and to achieve diversity, used numerous repeat elements, in different proportions, but similar in type. These elements created a feeling of delicate lace.

Gothic style in the interior

For the interior in the Gothic style is characterized by large Windows, various lighting effects, multi-window and accentuated the verticality of all structural members. Inherent in this style of features can be considered up desire, irrationality, ease, mysticism and expressiveness. Specific stylistic direction of the interior features Gothic ornament and stained glass in the traditional Gothic colours and shades. The stained glass is allowed to use not only Windows, but also on the deaf walls. As a complementary element of the interior in the Gothic style would look great tiled stove or a fireplace, luxuriously furnished. The ornament in the Gothic style is basically all the elements of the vegetable world, usually in the form of maple leaves and grapes, and geometric shape of the arch.

The colours in the aged ornament

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At the intersection of legends and superstitions which

At the intersection of legends and stories. The ancient village of Golshany is still one of the most mysterious places in Belarus

The village of Golshany is rightly called the Museum under the open sky. If you go to the dry language of statistics, the number of historical monuments per square kilometre, the settlement will leave the rest in Belarus is far behind. The vast majority of Golshany “witnesses of antiquity”, is shrouded in dense haze of the fabulous legends that still “live”, continues to haunt the imagination of tourists, sometimes putting in a dead end and to the surprise of archaeologists, historians and researchers of paranormal phenomena.

Polotsk was founded in 1280. The first Prince of Golcha, being the last person in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, once crossed the river is the ship and saw a tall majestic mountain. He liked it so much that he decided to set up her castle. Soon the desire of Golchi has been realized, and around the castle, at the foot of the mountain, rose the village. So there were ancient Polotsk under the control of the Prince of Golshany.


There are only three castles, such Golshany. Their feature — its own chapel. Golshany castle is constructed from so-called palatki — bricks made by hand. They can see the fingerprints of the builders. In clay Continue reading

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