Interaction energies ” Theory and hypothesis

The history of science strongly suggests that often progress in any field is achieved by employing an entirely different science. A more thorough study of megalithic structures is also revealed unexpected results.

Earlier historians without a doubt attributed solely to the megalithic cult structures: either to places of worship or to the rudiments of ancient observatories. The reason for such CategoryName opinion was the observation by some astronomers have studied, for example, Stonehenge. And then, initially, the hypothesis N. Lokera about what Stonehenge was used for astronomical observations was interpreted by the archaeologists very hostile. Because such findings did not fit into the stereotypes — which could be “astronomical observations” of people who had no written language and lachiusa miserable existence.

Indeed, the artefacts in the burial ground found by archeologists near the British megaliths, to put it mildly, not dazzling. Primitive digging antler, stone mallets, crudely fashioned pots of burnt clay indicate that their owners are all these “windmillhill”, “binary” and other tribes (the names they came up with archaeologists themselves), who lived in the British Isles in the era of construction of Stonehenge, were engaged in hunting, fishing and gathering. What a Grand Continue reading

The St. Vitus Cathedral

The St. Vitus Cathedral

Already more than 600 years, the roofs of Prague Castle can acquire a special charm thanks to the beautiful, ancient spires of St. Vitus Cathedral (St. Vitus Cathedral). This Cathedral is the original name of which is the Cathedral of St. Vitus, St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert, one of the largest and most special churches in the Czech Republic. Here is the Archbishop of Prague, and here were buried saints, kings, princes and emperors of Bohemia. There was crowned king of Bohemia until 1836. And besides, this Cathedral is a wonderful example of Gothic architecture.

West side

If you go from the second courtyard to the third, then the first thing you notice will be the impressive Western part of the Cathedral of St. Vitus. There is also the main entrance to the Cathedral. This part of the Cathedral is the new, it was built in the late 19th and early 20th century (see history of the St. Vitus Cathedral). The Western part of the Cathedral can be described as: two high towers and a rotunda. The Creator of this rotunda – Frantisek Kysela, was inspired by old Gothic Windows in famous cathedrals in Paris. Notice the four figures at the bottom, two on each side. They are important people in the new reconstruction of the Cathedral.

South side

When you continue your way to III internal courtyard, passing by the Old Provosty yard, you may Continue reading

The Gothic cities of medieval Europe

Go to 700 years ago in Europe. SLIDE 1 AT this time throughout Western Europe began to grow in the city. They grew on the crossroads, on the banks of navigable rivers, where it was convenient to arrange the fair. Every town in those days needed protection turned into a real fortress, with towers and gates, which were closed every night. During the day the city was open for trading. VER 2

The width of the streets of the medieval city is highly varied. The widest street is 7-8 meters, and the smallest not more than 2 meters, or meter. One of the streets of Brussels “Street person” because two weren’t there to disperse. Traffic was pedestrians, animals and carts.

Closely appressed to each other houses with gabled roofs formed a solid wall of narrow streets. Everyone tried to build a house on his own. the most beautiful and splendid buildings overlooked the Central square. Continue reading

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