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The most mysterious place in St. Petersburg

The most mysterious place in St. Petersburg.

This Sunday I visited one of the most mysterious places in St. Petersburg.

This place is widely known.

But I have in the last few years have not encountered a single eyewitness who had been there.

This place is easily accessible and a narrow circle of people often goes there (it’s not the top of the Alexander column, which everyone knows, but no one there was.

But at this point almost no one has gone before.

In any case, almost certainly, none of the readers there this year was not.

Try to guess.

Try at least approximately to guess what this place is.

It is a mysterious and rare place – the state academic Capella of St. Petersburg.

Yesterday there was a concert dedicated to the Day of the Lyceum.

October 19 – opening day, the birthday of the Lyceum.

Performed works on poems by Pushkin.

I wouldn’t got to a concert (vanity, you know), but promised that it would be a very good guide that guides the courtyards and inner rooms of the Chapel.

And I’ve always wanted to walk through the Chapel and something extra to know about their yards.

The chapel for me is a place where I think of my student youth.

I remember how after the show I ran through the yards on the subway to Continue reading

Ancient structures

Siege machines

He roughly, but eloquently and very convincingly argued that a Gladiator cannot and will not conquer Capua and besiege it, since the city is well protected by strong fortifications, and the army, which has no Scorpions, no battering rams, no catapults, no ballista, no breakdowns, with a broad end, would not dare to storm the city.

R. Giovagnoli, “Spartak”

In the XIV century in many European countries boomed Madame bombard. The technique of sieges of fortresses has changed dramatically and instantly. And although the eviction from the battlefields of the bow and crossbow was still a lot of ages, siege weapons of the past began to fade and disappeared completely, once the newfangled invention had learned to do reliable enough.

But today we will talk not about these times. And that was before bombards.

Siege engines of antiquity and the middle ages are divided into two groups. To one are projectile weapons, to the other — everything else: battering rams, siege towers assault ladders.

Projectile weapons

If to collect the names of the throwing implements of antiquity, would make a formidable list to the many tens of terms (even if we do not take exotic languages of the East). Palinton, onager, Scorpion, anzhen, fundinul, springall, Robin, mangonel, wood. Long and confusing in all this splendor and to decide what types of siege weapons — about the same amount of varieties of swords. But this, of course, it would be a mistake.

Principles Continue reading

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