Germany: Stuttgart and Cologne

Germany: Stuttgart and Cologne

Next stop after a trip along the Romantic road in Germany was planned in Stuttgart. However, Die Straße Romantishe took longer than we had planned (and less than we wanted, when we realized where you were, and so we went at once to Cologne, where we had booked a hotel. Well, in Stuttgart got on the next day, thus making a hook under 750 miles. However, on the German autobahn so much nezdice. So, Stuttgart:


In this city I, of course, attracted and enticed the historical fact, which is closely and inseparably linked with Mercedes Benz. Here is the headquarters of the most famous, the oldest of the German automaker. Well, besides all other the most, Mercedes for me personally is, perhaps, the most respected car brand. Well, or one of the most respected.

In that part of town, where he established the company with a three-beam star, in addition to headquarters, there is a Museum of this brand. I have with great pleasure visited.

What can I say about this Museum? Much and long about him to speak, choking on the saliva and positive emotions From all automuseum that I already visited, this is, perhaps, the best. And the most well organized. In the price (8 Euro) includes use of interactive audio guide, which Continue reading

Ancient underground structures

Buildings and structures left on the planet since ancient times, for many centuries mind-boggling history buffs. From the Parthenon to the great Pyramid, it seems that there will be no end to the huge amount of information we can get from them. But often what can be observed above the ground pales in comparison to the amazing findings that are discovered under our feet. Whether they were ancient reservoirs, theaters, temples, or disguised strongholds. these monumental subterranean structures serve as a legacy of outstanding inventiveness of the people of the Ancient world.

10. Chavin de huantar. Peru

Pre-Columbian pilgrimage center of Chavin de huantar is approximately 12 thousand square meters. Consisting of artificial terraces and squares, built with Adobe bricks of buildings and the sunken Plaza, its impressive appearance confirms an important ceremonial and cultural importance of this place in the religious sphere of the ancient civilization of the Andes.

However, the essence of a place is its underground tunnels, ventilated mines, stone chambers and galleries. It is here you can see the engraved obelisks and statues in the place of their natural occurrence, and wonder the huge scale of the masonry of this building. In fact, sewage and ventilation network Continue reading

Hluboka nad Vltavou

Hluboka nad Vltavou – fairytale castle in the Czech Republic

Page history

Originally, this Gothic structure had the function of a fortress, and was built in the XIII century. After that, he changed many owners, each of which contributed in its design and interior. At first the fortress had the name of Frohnburg (Frauenberg) was founded and according to the information a variety of sources whether by king Otakar II, the Czech nobleman from Budejovice.

After that, for many centuries, the castle literally went from hand to hand in payment of a debt, a pledge, just in connection with the sale, succeeding with 26 owners.

Here are just some of the names by which hluboká nad Vltavou is today, the kind that will admire everyone:

– The family of Pernstein, who lived in the late fifteenth century, decided to plant in the estate of fish, so here was dug a huge artificial pond – Bezdrev.

– In the next century the building passed into the possession of the lords of Hradec, which gave him the face that matches the spirit of the time – it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style.

– The application of forces other, less well-known owners in the reconstruction of the castle has led to the fact that it has its own brewery and winery.

But the most notable changes we can see today, overlooking the castle Hluboka nad Vltavou, made people from the kind of Schwarzenberg.

Having a considerable state Continue reading

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