The Colosseum – Ancient history

British archaeologists have excavated one of the graves in the Stonehenge and found the remains of the child and the stone sculpture, which can be one of the first children’s toys in England. Age stone hedgehog (or pigs — scientists have not yet made a final decision) is estimated in 2 thousand years. “You can argue about whether a hedgehog or a pig, but I personally like the idea of a hedgehog,” says Joshua Pollard (Joshua Pollard) from the University of Bristol.

The yellow dot on the map of England – Stonehenge

A gigantic construction of Stonehenge is a stone Enigma in the very centre of England – so called this amazing monument is one of his researchers Dr. Omlor Trever, describing ancient monument of English history, located in the southern part of the British Isles. To date, archaeologists agreed that this architectural monument was built in three stages between 3500 and 1100 years BC . Originally Stonehenge I was a circular ditch with two rooms and possibly served as a cemetery. In a circle along the outer shaft located 56 small funeral “Aubrey holes” a”, named after John Aubrey, who first described them in the XVII century. To the North-East of the entrance to the ring was huge, seven-Heel stone.

During the construction of Stonehenge II was built earthen walkway between the Heel stone and the entrance. Have been erected two rings of 80 huge Continue reading

Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar

The first inhabitants arrived in Tossa de Mar during the Neolithic, as evidenced by the results of archaeological excavations in the area.

Around the first Millennium BC in Tossa de Mar arose Iberian settlement, and the Romans appeared here in the first century BC.

After the collapse of the Roman Empire Tossa De Mar became part of the Kingdom is ready, later, in the 8th century, the town was occupied by the Arabs from the 12th century, Tossa de Mar became part of the Duchy of Barcelona.

Today, the most attractive part of the city for tourists is the old town – the Vila Vella, which is surrounded by medieval walls, built for protection against the raids of North African pirates.

Vila Vella is situated at an altitude of 70 meters above sea level, and its walls offer stunning views of the sea below. Today, most buildings in the old town of Tossa de Mar are under state protection.

Photos Tossa De Mar

In the old town can be reached through two gates. Building walls around Tossa de Mar dates back to the 12th century, although in later periods the walls and the towers repeatedly upgraded.

The most popular building is the old town, near which most often love photosgraphisofts guests of the city – the famous Gothic Church ruins’esglesia de Sant Vicenc, which was built in the 15th century, and destroyed due to the explosion in the 19th century. Continue reading

Megalithic monuments in Brittany


The Brittany Peninsula is the center of the ancient Dating back to the period of Neolithic, megalithic structures. Brittany can rightfully be called the country of the megaliths. It is from the words of the Breton language in the late XVII century and were written the names of the main types of megalithic monuments (dolmen:. daol – table, men – stone; menhir: men – stone, hir – long; cromlech: khomm – rounded, lec’h – space). In Brittany the megalithic era of construction began about 5 thousand years BC and ended about 2.5 thousand years BC. The megalith builders were not the indigenous population of Brittany. They came from the shores of the Mediterranean, gradually moving to the North-West from the southern and Western shores of the Iberian Peninsula, dwelt first coast of Morbihan, between the rivers Vilaine and Ethel, and then other lands in the present Brittany, up into the Peninsula along the rivers and along the coast.

The first megalithic period in the history of Brittany is the period of dolmens, collective burial structures. The dolmens usually consist of “boxes” composed of stone slabs to be joined, sometimes, a long or a short gallery. They were a collective burial chambers, as evidenced by the remains of bones and things that were supposed to need to the deceased in the afterlife (ceramics, jewelry, axes of polished stone). Dolmens could be as detached structures Continue reading

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