The Colosseum – Ancient history

British archaeologists have excavated one of the graves in the Stonehenge and found the remains of the child and the stone sculpture, which can be one of the first children’s toys in England. Age stone hedgehog (or pigs — scientists have not yet made a final decision) is estimated in 2 thousand years. “You can argue about whether a hedgehog or a pig, but I personally like the idea of a hedgehog,” says Joshua Pollard (Joshua Pollard) from the University of Bristol.

The yellow dot on the map of England – Stonehenge

A gigantic construction of Stonehenge is a stone Enigma in the very centre of England – so called this amazing monument is one of his researchers Dr. Omlor Trever, describing ancient monument of English history, located in the southern part of the British Isles. To date, archaeologists agreed that this architectural monument was built in three stages between 3500 and 1100 years BC . Originally Stonehenge I was a circular ditch with two rooms and possibly served as a cemetery. In a circle along the outer shaft located 56 small funeral “Aubrey holes” a”, named after John Aubrey, who first described them in the XVII century. To the North-East of the entrance to the ring was huge, seven-Heel stone.

During the construction of Stonehenge II was built earthen walkway between the Heel stone and the entrance. Have been erected two rings of 80 huge Continue reading

Chernihiv temples

Chernihiv temples in miniature

The wizard spends a round trip. However, a significant part of his works sold or donated to family and friends. What was left exposed on a furniture wall in the living room. The last work of the chef, the architect and the subject of his special pride – Catherine snow-white Church with Golden domes. It graces the coffee table. According to Anatoly, this is the sixth copy of “business card” of Chernihiv, which he created. Ekaterininka is particularly popular with visitors. By the way, the master and began with the layout of this temple. Only then it was three times smaller.

Of the remaining temples of Chernigov Anatoly did also the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Church of Mikhail and Fedor, Pyatnitskaya Church. The latter, according to him, was not very successful. But the Trinity Cathedral master plans to build another one. The previous layout was good, but it could be improved. New Church the master would like to work on creating copies of St. Nicholas Church and the Church of the Nativity of Christ – they have an interesting architecture. As a material for Anatoly uses paper, cardboard and wood. Individual elements performs from materials of rods from ballpoint pens, caps from bottles, dried moss, pieces of plastic. Continue reading

Near Gelendzhik found the ancient city

The black sea still holds many secrets that can surprise historians and scientists. Another proof is the new discovery of underwater archaeologists. Not far from Gelendzhik lighthouse and Cape thick – just over three hundred meters from the shore members of the “Russian Geographical society” in the fall of 2015 found the ancient buildings.

Worked underwater archaeologists from all over Russia

As told by Our head underwater club “Victor and K”, a member of the Gelendzhik branch of the RGS, Viktor Yegorov, this finding was made possible by the archaeologist from St. Petersburg Yuri Perova, who has long been engaged in the study of Atlantis. It was his research and has led divers on the bottom of the sea near the black sea resort.

In immersion this fall was attended by underwater archaeologists from Krasnodar, Rostov, Astrakhan and Gelendzhik. Experts have discovered dozens of caves and giant boulders, many individual buildings and horizontal caves.

The heart of stone and other finds

Especially divers surprised by the room with tables and bodies resembling human fossils. Scientists believe that the nature of such create couldn. All the work of man. Valery notes that the entrances to the horizontal caves have a clear orientation to the cardinal directions. In stone walls embossed recesses for bonfires, there are Continue reading

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