Gothic roof in Russia


We all know that Gothic with its stately beauty is an ornament of numerous narrow streets and spacious squares in almost all European cities. But as it turned out, at first glance absolutely not typical for Russian architecture of the pointed Gothic roof in Russia, though not often, but also occur. From the late eighteenth century the Gothic elements began to appear in the architectural ensembles of Russian cities.

The majestic Gothic

The Italian word Gothic (gotigo) is translated as “unusual” or “barbaric”. Initially it was used as a swear word. A new interpretation it has received, thanks to Giorgio Vasari, the term “Gothic” was able to separate from each other two epochs – the Renaissance and the middle Ages. Starting with the XII centuries. in art radically changed direction: replacing the luxurious Romanesque style came restrained Gothic. In architecture it is manifested in the appearance of the city’s buildings and Cathedrals:

soaring high, narrow towers

arches with a pointed top,

multicolor stained glass Lancet Windows,

richly decorated with carved details of the facades.

Frame system of Gothic architecture

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At the intersection of legends and superstitions which

At the intersection of legends and stories. The ancient village of Golshany is still one of the most mysterious places in Belarus

The village of Golshany is rightly called the Museum under the open sky. If you go to the dry language of statistics, the number of historical monuments per square kilometre, the settlement will leave the rest in Belarus is far behind. The vast majority of Golshany “witnesses of antiquity”, is shrouded in dense haze of the fabulous legends that still “live”, continues to haunt the imagination of tourists, sometimes putting in a dead end and to the surprise of archaeologists, historians and researchers of paranormal phenomena.

Polotsk was founded in 1280. The first Prince of Golcha, being the last person in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, once crossed the river is the ship and saw a tall majestic mountain. He liked it so much that he decided to set up her castle. Soon the desire of Golchi has been realized, and around the castle, at the foot of the mountain, rose the village. So there were ancient Polotsk under the control of the Prince of Golshany.


There are only three castles, such Golshany. Their feature — its own chapel. Golshany castle is constructed from so-called palatki — bricks made by hand. They can see the fingerprints of the builders. In clay Continue reading

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