Germany: Stuttgart and Cologne
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The most unusual structure
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The most mysterious places on the planet

The most mysterious places on the planet

Despite the fact that over the last century man has visited almost every corner of the Earth, the planet still remained somewhat mysterious places, the origin of which still remains a mystery.

Easter Island

However, the purpose of these magnificent sculptures and the method of their production are still unknown to modern man. The average weight of one such statue is several tons, that makes us think about how ancient people moved these giants, because we know that the moai were created in various parts of Easter island.


This mound is the most ancient and unusual structure in the whole of Ireland, representing a corridor tomb with a height of thirteen meters and a diameter of eighty-five. Newgrange was built a thousand years earlier than the Egyptian pyramids, made of clay, wood, stone and earth.

Its design is still extremely strong and durable, and best of all, completely waterproof. A mysterious feature of the mound is that at the winter solstice the sun’s rays penetrate through a small hole in the special aisle, lighting the floor of the main room of the tomb.


The world’s most mysterious ancient structure is considered to be located in England, Stonehenge. This placed in a certain order stone slabs enveloped in a wide variety of legends.

There are many different theories attempting to explain the purpose of this old building, but none of them is able to answer all related puzzles. Stonehenge was connected with the name of the legendary Merlin, called the sanctuary of the druids and the pagan tomb of the Queen.

Some researchers believed that it was built by the Romans, but others argued that it was the handiwork of the Germans and Swiss. Because the people who created that structure, have left no literature, to determine exactly what people and what it took to build Stonehenge, it is simply impossible. Often complex called the tomb, because of the huge number of found on its territory of graves. However, the most interesting is the theory that Stonehenge is what remains of a Grand ancient Observatory.

The Pyramids Of Yonaguni

This is an unusual underwater structure was discovered a little over thirty years ago, the Japanese divers. The pyramid is composed of many formations, carved from the rocks, and located at a depth of from five to forty meters. Scientists of the rising sun still can’t decide, this monument created by human hands or were formed by strong streams of water, vysochinsk stone in unusual ways. In any case, the pyramids of Yonaguni unique and attract many tourists who dive in places the most rapid and dangerous undercurrents, only to look at the amazing ancient structure.

To visit all these places would be great for the whole family, but what to do if you have a small child? I want to assure you that this should not stop you, because with a child abroad you can travel without problems, most importantly, read all the possible difficulties and rest bring pleasure not only to you but also the baby.

We can forever talk about the mysterious places of the planet, but no story or a scientific treatise does not compare with the amazing feeling that arises when you visit these ancient and mystical places. In order to truly capture the mysterious atmosphere of the Grand buildings you must see them with your own eyes and try to guess their purpose.

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