Mysteries of ancient dolmens

Mysteries of ancient dolmens

On the black sea coast and in the mountains of the Western Caucasus there are unique ancient buildings – dolmens. Caucasian dolmens, strange little houses with a round hole in the centre, whose age is several thousand years old, considered the eighth wonder of the world. They are called dwarf houses, supposedly built by giants, aliens observatories and even frozen UFO. The dolmen was found in the 60-ies of XX century in Krasnodar territory has more than 5 000 years. Inside it were found the remains of three bodies – two female and male, bones of horse and several sheep, bronze and gold jewelry, fragments of pottery. Apparently, the dolmen was buried the local Prince, and with him in the other world went his property, war horse and two wives. Interestingly, women were imprisoned in a stone tomb, apparently still alive. They obediently waited their time near the body of the deceased spouse.

Translated from the Breton language dolmen means “stone table”.

Archaeologists have calculated that the dolmens from 3400 to 5000 years, there are even some older than the Egyptian pyramids. In the Caucasus there were more than 7 thousand, and there are about 150. Some dolmens are gathered in our century anew from the ruins.

After the great Patriotic war on a strange stone structures trained bomb experts, and many of these unique monuments were destroyed.

Scientists believe that dolmens ancient burial ground, where the primitive people buried their chiefs and priests. However, this is only one version. Is capable was illiterate highlanders to combine plates weighing from three to thirty tons of grooves with millimeter precision?

The second version mentions dolmens places of worship intended to serve the gods. Later on, they began to make burial Circassians, and Greeks and Scythians, the later inhabitants of these places, because people are often trying to bury their dead in the Holy land.

Inside the dolmens, as in the Egyptian pyramids, there are strong electromagnetic waves, as well as slowing down the clock. It is known that is still around them, miracles happen. It is considered that different dolmens has his own specialty: the area of the river is Zhane dolmen Health, as well as the dolmen of Family and marriage (according to legend, if a girl can crawl inside, to her to be married).

Local psychics told me that I slept in the dolmen on mount Nexis and heard strange sounds, they were visited by a vision. They believe that the dolmens are the means of communication for the representatives of highly developed civilization, the descendants of inhabitants of Atlantis.

In the era of the Egyptian pyramids

Most ancient settlements are known on the territory of Novorossiysk and its suburbs, about 6 thousand years. Their inhabitants were sculpted quality pottery, used the bow and arrow, sailed the seas on boats, and for food used bone spoons. Tools they made from stone, bone and wood. Then people learned and copper.

It took many centuries. In the distant Egypt in 2600 BC, built the pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops, the largest pyramid of Ancient Egypt. It was difficult to imagine how the ancient people did not have modern technology, could construct from multi-ton stone blocks of enormous edifices. The pyramids are considered one of the seven wonders of the world.

Few people know that at the same time in the North Caucasus, the local tribes of huge slabs built amazing structures dolmens.

There are several theories about the origin of dolmens. It is believed that the idea of building dolmens of the North Caucasus came from the Mediterranean. But it is still too early to say that the dolmens began to build settlers from the Mediterranean. Perhaps the idea of building dolmens was perceived by the local tribes and got fertile soil in the local environment at a time when Egypt built the pyramids.

Surprisingly, the idea of the pyramid for dollarstoday Caucasus was not alien. And not just the idea of the pyramid, and the idea of the pyramid with the mysterious proportions of the pyramids plateau of Giza in Egypt. Here you see a dolmen in the gorge of the kuapse river (Mamedova Shchel), hewn from the solid rock.

This building focused on the top of sunrise point of the vernal equinox. The corners of dolmen, checked on the computer that coincide with the corners of the pyramid plateau of Giza. The sun on the equinox completes an isosceles triangle pyramid.

Its profile is exactly the same as the angles of the pyramid of Khufu (Cheops). Who owns the championship?

Of special interest is a dilapidated dolmen, found on the slope of the GUAM gorge almost over Mesmer (970м). It scientists found a Runic inscription, to decipher which still no one has managed:

The question of the Dating of runic inscriptions – separate. Hardly the case these last years – the dolmens of the Northern slopes of the Caucasus visited so far is the more remote from the beaten track. At first glance, the uninitiated people, like, sees something familiar. But the second sign, just that the first! The first thing that comes to mind is Usovo letter or Glagolitic, the Slavic system, which appeared approximately synchronously (opinions differ) with Cyrillic. More precisely, the first character is very close to letter small YUS. But even if you ignore quick ejaculation right features mark and incised in the middle, “the roof”, a small Us did not. Using the features of the type “tilde” above the sign was recorded in usavam letter numbers. But as small as the two of Us, to denote digits were not used. In General, the question is still open.

While we can only speculate who, when and why built the dolmens. Jewelry fit multi-ton slabs, exact proportions, simple and austere beauty of the idea. It seems that the builders knew that can pass right through the Millennium and what is superfluous, will not survive the era, but because there is dust.

Dolmens can be compared with the temples. Temples and shrines of various Nations was based on certain mathematical ratios and installed in unusual places on Earth “places of power” (geomagnetic anomaly). Dome, bells, crosses and other jewelry actually form a field that affects man. And highly sensitive people feel it.

Originally the dolmens could be built as a sanctuary (a huge, inscribed in the nature temple complex), or as “appliances” for a harmonious space. And were subsequently used as tombs, as people tend to do the burial near the Holy places.

Now thousands of people rushed to the ancient secrets of the Earth – the dolmens in the Western Caucasus. In these places, the Earth sees and hears each of us. And so coming here, it is desirable, as in the temple. Only here, instead of icons, You are surrounded by wonderful images of nature: birds singing, the murmur of Brooks, the rustle of the wind, the green trees, colors of flowers. Pay attention to all this beauty, absorb her into himself. And if there is a desire – mentally thank the mother Earth that feeds and protects us.

In our area there has long been a belief that anyone on the Black sea coast will find a stone with a hole (chicken God) – he will find happiness. And here it is not difficult to guess that he reminds us.

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