The most unusual structure

The unusual architecture of the houses — that is, a departure from generally accepted standards or creative expression of their designers seeking to differentiate their creations from the gray mass of ordinary buildings?

The dancing house in Prague

This amazing structure is located in the heart of Prague on the Vltava river, in the district Reslova street. Exact address “Dancing house”: Rasinovo nabrezi, 80.

Floating castle in Ukraine (Floating Castle)

And for this structure and support not really. Flying castle literally hangs in the air.

It would seem that the laws of gravity is a common thing for all, and not as cool, and be kind to respect them, otherwise the building will collapse. But there are people who sneeze on all of these gravity and build houses, on which the idlers look and say “How do they not fall?!”. We will look also.This standing on a single pole mysterious levitating farm house in a fantastic film. It is believed that this is an old bunker for mineral fertilizers surplus, but we believe that its design clearly had a hand (paw? tentacle?) the alien architects.

Upside-down house (Syzmbark, Poland)

Unusual work of artist and architect Daniel Czapiewski built in the village of Szymbark, Poland. The main singularity the design is that it completely mimics the upside-down house, down to the “grass” and “land” under (over) stone base. The house is quite stable and is fully capable of life. The inverted construction of the house lasted for 114 days. Local builders were very surprised strange project, but coped without errors. Now the house has become one of the most popular attractions of Poland, here come not only ordinary tourists, but also architects — to learn from talented colleagues.

Forest Spiral in Darmstadt

Unusual house with the intriguing title “Forest Spiral” (Waldspirale (Forest Spiral)) was built in Darmstadt, Germany between 1998 and 2000. The creation belongs hand the famous Austrian architect and artist, well known for his revolutionary, colorful architecture. The architect very often borrow their forms from nature – for example, the dome-shaped bulb. This building with 105 apartments, as if “obertyvanija” around the yard also offers a comfortable restaurant with a cozy cocktail bar

House-shopping in the USA

This is perhaps the strangest office building in the world. Company for the production of baskets and wicker products Longaberger has built its headquarters in exact replicas of real manufactured product — wicker baskets. The building was occupied by 180 thousand sq. m. two years of construction, and cost 30 million dollars. The experts repeatedly advised the owner of the company Dave Longaberger change the layout of the building, but apparently, he made the right choice — thanks to this idea, his company became famous all over the world.

House piano with violin (Piano shaped building). The City Of Huainan, China.

This “music” the house is located in the Chinese city of Huainan. Huge violin is the entrance to the building and there is an escalator to lift in the Royal. The structure is made of transparent and black glass. The building was constructed, primarily, as a landmark to distinguish the city from many other nondescript Chinese cities. In the very same building is an exhibition centre, and showcasing the plans of the streets and districts of the city.

Central library in Kansas (Kansas City Public Library). Missouri, USA.

Perhaps if all libraries were built in this design, readers they would not exist. The construction of the Central library in front of books, the city of Kansas city in the U.S. not only beautified downtown, but library support the spirit of the citizens. The facade is made in the form of the roots of the most influential and popular books of Kansas.

The house is stone (Stone House). Guimaraes, Portugal.

Great mosque of djenné (the Great Mosque of Djenn?). Djenné, Mali, Africa

Genensky Cathedral mosque — the largest clay-alluvial building in the world and is considered by most architects, the biggest architectural achievement of the Sudano-sakhalinskogo style, although distinct Islamic influences. The mosque is located in the city of djenné, Mali on the flood plain of the river Baths. The first mosque was built in the 13th century, but the mosque was built from 1907. This is one of the most famous landmarks in Africa. Along with the “Old Towns of djenné”. The mosque inscribed on the world Heritage list by UNESCO in 1988.

The Neverwas Haul. Berkeley, CA, USA

This house on wheels, designed in the style of”steampunk”, as if it came from a fairy tale or fantastical stories of Jules Verne. And those who watched the cartoon “howl’s moving castle” will certainly appreciate this wonderful home. Created this three-storey house group of fans of steampunk from 12 people, giving him названиеNeverwas Haul. On the implementation of unusual dwellings took four months of hard work, but it is still far from complete. For starters, the creators want to equip their offspring policiesthese him a steam engine instead of diesel that is used now.

Also in the framework of the project it is planned to construct a number of machines for the processing of waste into fuel for the engine, the camera obscura, which will be installed in the tower, as well as the scene in Victorian style to showcase new products “with advanced” stepankovskaya motion using magic lantern and the various submissions. However, all his plans at the moment ready only distillation boiler.