The most unusual structure
The unusual architecture of the houses — that is, a departure from generally accepted standards or creative expression of their designers seeking to differentiate their creations from the gray mass…

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Near Gelendzhik found the ancient city
The black sea still holds many secrets that can surprise historians and scientists. Another proof is the new discovery of underwater archaeologists. Not far from Gelendzhik lighthouse and Cape thick…

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Czech Republic


Discover the beauty of Litoměřice

The Royal city of litoměřice at the confluence of the Labe and ohře is one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. Extensive historic center has dozens of streets and squares. Colourful Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance buildings right in the city centre, bounded largely preserved Gothic fortifications, will enchant you. Magic Litomerice succumbed and most outstanding Czech romantic poet Karel Hynek mácha. Famous wine from nearby velké žernoseky. will make the walk more enjoyable.

Experience the charm of the architecturally valuable houses on the areas of litoměřice. Town hall in the style of the Saxon Renaissance, the “ever-present” or also “Under Bath” on the roof, which is an observation terrace, where she met the wealthy commoners, the Renaissance house “Black eagle”, decorated with beautiful sgraffito, has retained its original appearance. Not only beautiful buildings, but many well-known churches, such as, for example, the Gothic Church of All Saints with Renaissance tent roofs, the Church of the Annunciation of the virgin Mary, which is the peak of creativity of the Italian architect Octavian broggio and the Baroque Cathedral of St. štěpán built caused from Prague, the Builder of Dominico Orsi – these are just some of the places that you must visit.

Discover the historical underground litoměřice

Visit the underground Kingdom of litoměřice, which is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. The length of the track, where you can visit the lapidary of the Regional Museum, is 366 meters. Try some of the specialities in the town hall cellar. which is set in the original surroundings of a Gothic cellar. Don’t forget to visit litomericky a medieval castle and local exhibition of the Czech viniculture combined with traditional Czech varieties of wine will pamper your taste buds.

Explore dome top

During his walks through the historical centre you will see the dome top, the center of which is the dome square to the Cathedral of St. The textbook with the bell tower, there the Consistory or Bishop’s residence. Opposite the chapel of the Church of Seventh-Day Adventists, you can see the house in which he lived and died by the Czech poet Karel Hynek mácha.

Stay at the residence of the Bishop

Litoměřice are the seat of a bishopric since 1655 the Bishop’s Residence is an important landmark in the town, which you should definitely visit. On the ground floor is a large library of XVIII century on the second floor you will find a throne room with a magnificent ceiling paintings. From the Bishop’s residence, a short walk to the Church of St. John the Baptist, surrounded by a former cemetery with high walls.

Ancient underground structures
DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF THE METRO a survey on the construction of the underground railroad in Moscow appeared at city Council repeatedly: in 1902, was considered the project of engineer…


Germany: Stuttgart and Cologne
Germany: Stuttgart and Cologne Next stop after a trip along the Romantic road in Germany was planned in Stuttgart. However, Die Straße Romantishe took longer than we had planned (and…

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