Famous structures of Ancient Egypt

Famous structures of Ancient Egypt

Egypt is one of the most mysterious and enchanting countries, where the endless stream of tourists come from all over the world. And it seems that anything new and unique of its many secrets we shall never know. But each time, as if in mockery of human self-confidence, mysterious, and iconic structures of Ancient Egypt present us all a new mystery to solve which humanity will be forever.

And yet, of countless monuments, sculptures and temples the greatest reverence and interest for many years is the famous pyramid of Cheops. Many of the most incredible stories associated with this unique structure too-distant past. But the sensational discovery by American scientists a few years ago, shocked the whole world. In one impassable to humans compartments of the pyramid have been found previously unknown burials and messages to them, as well as explicit confirmation of involvement in the construction of extraterrestrial civilizations. Americans used for his studies of specially trained rodents are equipped with heavy duty cameras. Only with the help of these animals managed to get into previously unknown repository of great secrets that hide from us this amazing building.

By the way, to build at the time so much power, whose height is 146 m only through human hands, it is almost impossible. Therefore, the interest in this unique monument of architecture every year only increases. Few people know that the famous buildings of Ancient Egypt, as well as monuments, houses and even entire cities were not always built from blocks of stone or marble sculptures. Most of the buildings, which is now so admired by tourists, was built of the usual mud. But we must be the great masters to create anything from the real work of architectural art, which is now so admired by people. Dirt was mined in the waters of the Nile, dried in the sun, had received special treatment and were used for construction.

This can be seen if you visit the temples of Ancient Egypt, forming the basis of such construction. Such architectural creations include the temple of Hatshepsut. For its construction took about 10 years of arduous slave labour. The temple consists of many halls, rooms and jewelry of the tombs of the great rulers of that time, created their mixture of mud, sand and stone. This is one of the most sacred haunts of ancient Egypt, no less revered way and in our time. According to the legend, extant it is known that all the treasures exhibited in the gem room, did not need any protection. They are protected by the spirits of the temple. And the infringement upon their priceless gifts ended with the death or serious illness to the thief.

Those who infringe upon them, was forced immediately to return the stolen items back, otherwise to rescue such a person even modern medicine was powerless. A surprising fact is that it was a good lesson for all the lovers of easy money.

About the famous Egyptian mysteries can speak to infinity. But it’s better to visit the country personally to leave in her heart a kind and unforgettable memory that stores, for everyone it’s an extraordinary state.

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