Ulm and Ulm Cathedral

Ulm and Ulm Cathedral

Ulm is a small old town, but with the highest temple in the world. The old city with the highest Cathedral, here’s what we know about the Ulm, or rather we know even more about the Cathedral than about the city. The reason is the fact that the historic city was destroyed in 1944, but was restored in the postwar years, in place of Gothic buildings appeared in the modernist centre for contemporary art, which pushed goth and spoiled the impression of the city as a whole. However, the Gothic Cathedral alive and soaring in the clouds. In addition, the birthplace of Einstein.

The history of Ulm begins 854 of the year when the Palace of kings was published the first mention of Ulm, and further, as the Imperial city on the Danube river at the confluence of the rivers of Iller and Blau, nevertheless, the Danube which flows through the river is unusually narrow. Hysterical the city is situated on the left Bank, the right Bank is the town of New Ulm, with a population three times less than in the old, it does not have one cent and the attractions of the old city. Ulm blossomed from the 16th century through trade with local tissues that went through the trade routes to Italy. With 30 years of the last century on the hill of Ulm has been broken concentration camp of the National Socialist party of Germany, in 1938, was destroyed synagogue, in 1944 80% proud just of the old were turned into dust. After the war, were restored only the most important architectural sights in the old town, the newly built residential quarters, but without much pomp and old-style with the exception of the Cathedral, the town hall, the house of the oath (Schwörhaus), warehouses Neuer-bow and some others.

Weather and climate in Ulm

In Ulm oceanic climate, without abrupt changes in the weather. Summer temperatures reach 22 degrees in the daytime, freezing in the winter.

How to get to Ulm

In Ulm there is no airport, you can land at the international airport of Stuttgart, from where the train or bus ride is just over an hour, for example a train ticket can cost from 15 euros. From Munich to Ulm train ticket costs from 25 euros to go half an hour.

Buses and rental cars travel to Ulm from Stuttgart and Munich on the A8, the A7 motorway connects the North and the South of Europe passing through Ulm.

Ulm stands in the way of popular train route Paris – Strasbourg – Stuttgart – Ulm – Munich – Vienna – Budapest, besides, here there are direct trains from Berlin.

Public transport in Ulm

In Ulm there are buses and trams, the historic center is partly closed for vehicles and cars, it’s better to travel on foot or by Bicycle, which can be rented near train stations and bus stations, Parking lots, things are good. On the Danube go through the city a pleasure boat.

Excursions and sights of Ulm

Ulm Munster, Ulm Cathedral, the Cathedral in Ulm

The highest Cathedral in Europe and the world, is located at addressMünsterplatz 1, the most Grand temple in the world. Construction began in 1377, in 1405 the Church was consecrated and almost completed, however some the side aisles began to crumble under the weight of the top, the final work passed from 1817 to 1890, when it was fully erected spire. During the second world war the Cathedral was damaged slightly, although the whole city from the Cathedral to the North and to the West railway station was razed to the ground.

Tourists can climb the stone spiral staircase to a height of 143 meters, the Cathedral has a height of 161,5 meters, for example the viewing platform of the Cologne Cathedral is located at an altitude of only 100 meters, but the Cathedral has a height of 157,4 meters. Incidentally the second highest Cathedral in the world is Notre-Dame-de-La-PE 158 meters in Yamoussoukro in côte d’ivoire. Will have to overcome the 768 steps of the spiral staircase which is hard to miss with oncoming traffic of tourists, in any case, it’s good exercise for Your legs and heart on the lookout is usually very strong wind, keep your photosdevices firmly.

The best time to lift is sunset, when the evening is highlighted Ulm paints. The Cathedral easily lifted as to the platform are two stairs on the days You climb, and descend, rise can take an hour of time, many tourists do not calculate the forces to stop the rise, with the intermediate observation points from which good views. Going every time to the next intermediate site guests think that’s already the end of the test, however, the top can be reached only in a completely obessilennaya condition. The descent is more painful than the ascent, as the steps are very steep, can easily dizzy. Climb to the observation deck paid 5 Euro, in clear weather are visible Alps and lake Constance.

The Cathedral is built in traditional Gothic style with stone carvings, gargoyles, stained glass Windows, looking at the facade for hours, especially this will be useful photostechnology with more zoom, the bottom is photosgraviroval, such as Einstein monument in the form of e formula E-mc2. At Christmas on the square in front of the Cathedral begins its Christmas fair where main city celebrations. The tourists get to the Cathedral from the train station down the street where the boutiques and shopping malls, the Gothic Church becomes like a bombshell in the form of contrast seen field of modern shopping, it’s like entering to another world. By the way shopping in Ulm and is located at Hirschstrasse street and on the Muensterplatz square around the Cathedral, there are going to restaurants and cafes.

Town Hall Of Ulm, Ulm City Hall (Rathaus)

Town hall is located on Market square on addressMarktplatz 1. Go to the town hall for the purpose of tours and in order to sit in the main beer restaurant in the city with national dishes. The excursion program is free to visit the city Museum, watching a documentary about construction of the tallest temple of the world and archaeological finds. The building was built to 1370 by order of the Guild of weavers, now the town hall finely painted, you can admire the boats, which were sent the fabrics to Italy and the coats of arms of cities that traded Ulm.

Kloster Wiblingen

Fishermen’s Quarter, Quarter of the fishermen

The fishermen’s district is a picturesque ancient half-timbered houses, romantic canals, through which airlifted bridges, many restaurants, a beer garden, a walk through its narrow streets that remind of Venice, here he Leaning House (Schiefes Haus) leaning Lodge, which is located at addressSchworhausgasse 6 on the banks of the Danube, it is now tilted to the hotel, the beds were specifically designed so that no one fell.

Museums in Ulm

On the main square is The Ulm Museum. Adres Marktplatz 9. The Museum of modern art and the house for social events is located in Stadthaus Münsterplatz 50, opposite the Cathedral, is sick in this terrible modern building adjacent to the Cathedral. Let’s not downplay the merits of an architect from new York Richard Meier, however, modern building in the fashion of the 80’s, not a place near a stunning masterpiece of Gothic architecture, modernity vs. history, who won?

WeishauptWeishaupt Kunsthalle Art Gallery art gallery on addressat Hans-und-Sophie-Scholl-Platz 1, another monster in the art Nouveau style, which spoils the view of the Cathedral, in addition it is a Museum of modern art with works by Andy Warhol, Flavin Dan, Kenny Scharf, and other figures of pop art. The entrance ticket 4 Euro. Museum der Brotkultur Museum of bread is located at addressSalzstadelgasse 10.


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