Mysteries of history


In 1938 an archaeological expedition Dr. Chi PU TEI into the mountains Bayan-Kara-Ula in China made a stunning discovery in caves that have preserved the remnants of some ancient civilization. On the floor of the cave, buried under a layer of centuries old dust, lay hundreds of stone disks. In diameter they were about nine inches, and in the center of each was a gaping round hole from which a spiral diverged etched engraving, making them similar to ancient records for the gramophone, created about 10 – 12 thousand years ago. As for spiral engraving, in fact it is composed of tiny hieroglyphics that tell the incredible story of spaceships that arrived from a distant world and wrecked in the mountains. The ships ran the establishment, who called himself “drop”, and in the cave there seems to the remains of their descendants

The ICA Stones

In the 1930s a medical doctor Javier Cabrera, I got from the local farmer’s gift of a strange stone. Dr. Cabrera was so fascinated that gathered more than 1100 similar andesite stones, numbering from 500 to 1,500 years and is known as the ICA stones. On these stones carved engravings, mostly sex-related (normal culture), shown on some idols, others such as heart surgery and transplantation of brain. But the most amazing engravings depict the dinosaurs, the Brontosaurus, Triceratops, stegosaurs and pterosaurs. And although skeptics consider the ICA stones a forgery, its authenticity has not yet been neither proved nor disproved.

The antikythira mechanism

In 1900, sponge divers discovered near the Greek island of Antikythera is located to the North-West of Crete, a puzzling artifact. Divers raised the wreck remains of many marble and bronze statues. Among the finds was a piece of rusty bronze, which was visible part of a mechanism comprised of various gears. According to the surviving inscriptions, the device was created in 80 BC and many experts at first thought that it was an astrolabe, an instrument for astronomical calculations. But later x-ray examination of the mechanism revealed an interesting detail: the system of gears turned out to be too sophisticated. With this technology mastered only in 1575! Who created this amazing instrument 2,000 years ago, and why technology became lost, unknown to this day.

The battery of Baghdad

Today batteries can be bought in any kiosk, shop, and even the Bazaar. Well, let me introduce you to the battery, which is 2,000 years. This finding, known as the Baghdad battery was discovered in a Parthian settlement and dates back to between 248 and 226 BC The device consists of clay 5.5-inch vessel, which houses the copper cylinder, reinforced asphalt, oxidized iron rod inside. Examined his the experts came to the conclusion that for the production of electric current the device is needed only in acidic or alkaline filling. It is believed that this ancient battery might have been used in electroplating of gold. If this is how it really happened, that the technology was lost and the battery has disappeared from the face of the earth for 1,800 years?

The COSO Artifact

During the extraction of minerals in the mountains of California near Olancha in the winter of 1961, Wallace lane, Virginia Maxi and Mike Mikesell found the stone, who first took the Geode. But when you try to split it, Mansell found inside a white porcelain object in the center of which was a shiny metal rod. Experts believe that if it really was a Geode, formation of fossils would have taken 500,000 years, but at the same time, the object was clearly a matter of human hands. As a result of further examination, it was found that the porcelain was in the hexagonal shell, and x-ray screening showed that inside it is a steel needle. The controversy surrounding this artifact still do not cease. Some advocate that he was not in the Geode, and in the hardened clay. The experts found that in fact the artifact is a spark plug sample in the 1920’s. Unfortunately, the COSO artifact has gone missing and its further examination it is impossible. But is there a rational explanation for its existence? Whether he was found in the Geode? And if so, how the spark plug from the 1920s petrify 500,000 years ago?

There are artifacts belonging to Ancient cultures of Egypt and Central America, in appearance resembling modern aircraft. The Egyptian artifact, found in a tomb in 1898 Sakkara is very similar to a model aeroplane, it has a fuselage, wings and tail. Experts believe that this six-inch aircraft has aerodynamic contours. As for the findings in Central America, it is molded from gold and her estimated age is about 1,000 years. The shape is very similar to the space Shuttle. She even has a sort of cockpit.

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