Near Gelendzhik found the ancient city

The black sea still holds many secrets that can surprise historians and scientists. Another proof is the new discovery of underwater archaeologists. Not far from Gelendzhik lighthouse and Cape thick – just over three hundred meters from the shore members of the “Russian Geographical society” in the fall of 2015 found the ancient buildings.

Worked underwater archaeologists from all over Russia

As told by Our head underwater club “Victor and K”, a member of the Gelendzhik branch of the RGS, Viktor Yegorov, this finding was made possible by the archaeologist from St. Petersburg Yuri Perova, who has long been engaged in the study of Atlantis. It was his research and has led divers on the bottom of the sea near the black sea resort.

In immersion this fall was attended by underwater archaeologists from Krasnodar, Rostov, Astrakhan and Gelendzhik. Experts have discovered dozens of caves and giant boulders, many individual buildings and horizontal caves.

The heart of stone and other finds

Especially divers surprised by the room with tables and bodies resembling human fossils. Scientists believe that the nature of such create couldn. All the work of man. Valery notes that the entrances to the horizontal caves have a clear orientation to the cardinal directions. In stone walls embossed recesses for bonfires, there are cavity for storage of various things used in everyday life.

Finds near Gelendzhik more than 7 thousand years

The caves are located at a depth of tens of meters under water and now according to the researchers studied only two of them. They probably played the role of a border patrol points. Findings more than 7 thousand years! In addition to the caves found on the sea floor and is similar in appearance to human organs fossils. And opposite one of the notches for a fire – flat stone table.

Scientists have made the necessary measurements, have many photos and videos. They now have to answer the questions and confirm or refute their hypotheses.

I previously wrote that scholars – archaeologists have created a 3D model Rajewski settlement near Novorossiysk. which was built in the 3rd century BC For millennia, it has undergone many changes. Now the citizens the opportunity to walk around it in virtual reality.

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