Chernihiv temples

Chernihiv temples in miniature

The wizard spends a round trip. However, a significant part of his works sold or donated to family and friends. What was left exposed on a furniture wall in the living room. The last work of the chef, the architect and the subject of his special pride – Catherine snow-white Church with Golden domes. It graces the coffee table. According to Anatoly, this is the sixth copy of “business card” of Chernihiv, which he created. Ekaterininka is particularly popular with visitors. By the way, the master and began with the layout of this temple. Only then it was three times smaller.

Of the remaining temples of Chernigov Anatoly did also the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Church of Mikhail and Fedor, Pyatnitskaya Church. The latter, according to him, was not very successful. But the Trinity Cathedral master plans to build another one. The previous layout was good, but it could be improved. New Church the master would like to work on creating copies of St. Nicholas Church and the Church of the Nativity of Christ – they have an interesting architecture. As a material for Anatoly uses paper, cardboard and wood. Individual elements performs from materials of rods from ballpoint pens, caps from bottles, dried moss, pieces of plastic. Connects the elements with glue. Dome gilds the film “ORACAL”.

Exhibition in a city apartment

In home exposure Anatolia Bukata attract the attention of the layouts of the famous St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which is located in Saint Petersburg, the Gothic Church of St. German from Stephanie Halberstadt, resurrection Church in foros Peninsula in the Crimea. These structures he produces on the eye, without complying with special proportions. Often just photosgratiam or images. You should specifically mention about the locks wizard. French castle stands on a hill made of stones and foam. Near “flowing” river, “grow” miniature trees. In the usual city apartment will also see the Vorontsov Palace, several blocks of settlements in Hawaii, fantastic castle lamp.

To make the layout of the master takes from one to two months to several years. For example, the Gothic Church “was built” for two years. This is a very laborious task. In General, all depends on the complexity of the architectural structure and inspiration. When Anatoly was preparing for the exhibition at the Collegium, we have created ten layouts for three months. However, doing only this, without being distracted. As the first exhibition of the CHernigovets was held at school No. 16, where he studied. Then another exhibited their work in Commercial College. The greatest exhibition of self-taught master was held in reserve “Cherng old” a few years ago.

In recent years, Anatoly their work does not sell and does not hold. When he learned the prices set for such products capital masters (from 800 UAH), decided not to rush. At this point it is interesting to try to make doll houses and furniture for them. Such products can be used as toys for children or as interesting interior details. Only need the special materials and tools, and in our country they are hard to find. Master recently purchased a multi-functional Austrian mini lathe is a great help in the work. He has a desire to learn and develop in this direction.

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