At the intersection of legends and superstitions which

At the intersection of legends and stories. The ancient village of Golshany is still one of the most mysterious places in Belarus

The village of Golshany is rightly called the Museum under the open sky. If you go to the dry language of statistics, the number of historical monuments per square kilometre, the settlement will leave the rest in Belarus is far behind. The vast majority of Golshany “witnesses of antiquity”, is shrouded in dense haze of the fabulous legends that still “live”, continues to haunt the imagination of tourists, sometimes putting in a dead end and to the surprise of archaeologists, historians and researchers of paranormal phenomena.

Polotsk was founded in 1280. The first Prince of Golcha, being the last person in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, once crossed the river is the ship and saw a tall majestic mountain. He liked it so much that he decided to set up her castle. Soon the desire of Golchi has been realized, and around the castle, at the foot of the mountain, rose the village. So there were ancient Polotsk under the control of the Prince of Golshany.


There are only three castles, such Golshany. Their feature — its own chapel. Golshany castle is constructed from so-called palatki — bricks made by hand. They can see the fingerprints of the builders. In clay to make bricks added egg yolks and whites. By the decree of Prince peasants from the neighborhood were brought to the castle of the egg.

The castle was rich. It contained a huge weapon and one of the largest libraries in which, by the way, kept the secret documents of national importance (some sources indicate that many of these documents were drawn up in the Belarusian language). Under the castle there was a large cave, which led into the old Fort, the Church and the castle of Krevo.

Before Golshany castle was surrounded by a moat, who got the start in the river is the ship. Recently the land around the castle was leased to restore ditches and fill them with water. While it is hampered by power lines running along the ancient ditches. To conduct the restoration work, they need to carry. Whether this will be done is still unknown.


One of the old princes Golshany was young wife. No wonder that he began to suspect her of infidelity. One day, pretending to leave, at night the Prince returned to the castle and really found his wife with her lover, a monk from the nearby Franciscan monastery. On the same night by his order she was thrown into volcano to the wolves. Since then, roam around the castle is the white lady with a black monk.

. and true story?

Close to the castle on the hill are three-storey houses, the inhabitants of the upper floors are often seen above the castle for some lights. And when the moon is full see silhouettes moving on the walls, figures who stroll through the alleys of the castle.

It can be assumed that someone is actually messing with holenzim head. But if the ruins in the afternoon — the place is quite popular, one night, not one local resident not dare to go there.

In 1990-e years for the restoration of the local Church in Polotsk came to the artist. In celebration of the New year came to him his wife. Uncork champagne at midnight they decided on the ruins of an ancient castle. Brought sandwiches, wine glasses. Despite the deep snowdrifts, they reached the center of the ruins and waited for the New year. The night was moonlit, very quiet, no wind. Suddenly from afar, they began to hang a small snowdrift. Becoming more, carefully skirting the wall, he instantly got swirled around the artist and his wife. They were covered with such horror that they dropped everything and rushed off.

Perhaps in this case it was a natural phenomenon — wind “joke”. But here’s another story from five years ago are not amenable to logical analysis.

The girl-a ninth-grader, who lived on the second floor of the house near the castle, waking up at night, looked out the window and saw above the clouds. And among them, as it seemed, in a thin ballerina in white robes, which, hovering above the castle, dancing on one foot. The girl woke her mom, and they watched a fantastic dance in the clouds.

The monastery

A Junior office clerk of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Sabagay, Prince of Golshany, was founded the monastic order of Franciscans. Especially for them, and at the initiative of the Sapieha to 6 August 1618 in Golshany was built complex including a Church and monastery. The Prince decided to coincide the opening of the monastery to any festive event.


The construction involved more than a thousand masters, and all of them were professionals of the architecture. The buildings of the monastery and the Church built in time. Invited the Prince to evaluate the work. He toured the compound, went to the monastery and gasped: one of the walls were collapsed.

On the feast invited many very important guests, so the Prince sternly told the builders: “If you embarrass me in front of guests, not to demolish you head.” The architects were horrified. They quickly restored the wall, but she said nothing of a sudden collapsed. The story was repeated several times until the builders did not understand: it is not in them, and in some mystical force that does not put up a wall. As a last resort decided to bring a human sacrifice — agreed to immure in a wall of the first rebellious wives who bring their husband to the construction site lunch. Young Builder, married a few days, I hid from my friends, fell to his knees and began to pray to God that the case has delayed his favorite on the road. But it was she who first brought her husband lunch. Her young, understands nothing, immured alive in an enchanted wall.

Over the centuries, destroyed the Palace of the Sapieha family, collapsed and was rebuilt the Church and only firmly standing walls of the building of the monastery — allegedly the soul and the anger of innocently murdered girl don’t let it turn into ashes. In dark time of day in the monastery heard the slamming of doors and someone’s light footsteps are heard in the gallery.

. and true story?

In 1990-e years actively carried out the restoration of the monastery. While cleaning the basement caused the formation of a thick wall, they saw in a niche hidden behind the walled up skeleton of a man. The examination showed that, judging by the structure, the skeleton belonged to a woman, and the presence of the skull all teeth testified to her youth.

To bury a box with the remains of the old cemetery asked the two workers. It was planned that soon the grave will be sanctified. However, workers stay on the way to the cemetery to drink beer, box lost. After some time, both died. One on the porch of his home from heart failure, although differed enviable health. Second after a few months did not Wake up in the morning from hypertensive crisis. And on the ill-fated wall of the monastery went again large cracks.

The settlement

The castle of the Prince of Galsi was wooden, and therefore did not last long. What happened to him, it is still not known, however, since time originates one of the most beautiful legends of the village of Golshany.


Beautiful girl from the castle on the mountain, as often happens, fell in love with a simple country guy. The wedding was inevitable. But when the girl came to her mother and confessed his love for the commoner, the one in anger cried, cursing his daughter: “Let him fall through the ground all around, but to marry a beggar of a humble peasant you never quit!” And in an instant the castle sank into the bowels of the earth, and surrounding the old mountain houses of Golshany turned into grassy hillocks, and nothing more remained of the village. Only proudly stood among the meadows the lonely mountain.

. and true story?

None of the legends do not occur in a vacuum. Each are very real events, primary sources. In Golshany legends like second life, inexplicably podtverjdaete reality.

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