The oldest city of the world


As you know, the city is alive, as long as there are people, until there is the development of large fields. Cities appear and disappear, rebuilt or gradually die, but there are ancient cities, which, despite its incredible age, it is still evolving and live.

Syrian city of Damascus was founded 11,000 years ago. He was strong enough to watch the development and decline of many civilizations. Today Damascus occupy 2.5 million people and it is known as the Arab capital of culture. Given the current situation in the world, tourists are reluctant to go there to relax, another thing the ancient cities of Russia, tours to which can be ordered on russiakurort.

The city is located on the West Bank of the Jordan river. The first fortifications were built in 6800 BC, This gives grounds for historians to consider Jericho the first city-fortress and is definitely one of the oldest cities around the world, as the first evidence of the residence in these parts, people referred to 9му Millennium. Unbelievable, but Jericho is known as the most sparsely populated the town throughout its existence. Today it is home to 20 thousand people. In contrast, Seoul is a city that is recognized as the most populous city of the planet .

The Syrian city of Aleppo was founded 8,000 years ago, although excavations indicate more advanced age of 13 000 years. Today it is the largest city in Syria.

Greek, Athens is the cradle of philosophy. The first settlements belong to the 11th and 7th Millennium BC Since then, the city was constantly inhabited.

Argos is as old as Athens. Last 7 000 years he is still developing and is not inferior to other ancient cities.

The city is located in Bulgaria. It is over 6 000 years and he has a very rich history. This was originally a Thracian settlement known as Philippopolis.

Byblos is in Lebanon and it is more than 7 000 years. As argued by the ancient writer Philo, of Byblos is the oldest of the most ancient cities. Interestingly, it was through this city imported the papyrus, hence “Byblos”, from which comes the word “Bible “.

This is also the city of Lebanon, inhabited for over 6,000 years. The favorable location gave the city a lot of advantages in the past, because Sidon is still developing.

The Iranian city of ray for the first time makes itself felt to 8,000 years ago, according to testimonies. There are still ancient monuments, for example the tower is Herbie and she was more than 3,000 years.

A city in Israel, which appeared 4 000 – 5 000 years ago. It connects several religions of the world together, but his position is pretty shaky, considering the events taking place today.

The Chinese Luoyang city founded 4,000 years ago. This is one of the Seven great ancient capitals of China.

The Indian city of Varanasi, there are already 5 000 years. It is the most ancient city of India because are considered sacred and attracts many pilgrims.

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