Ancient underground structures
DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF THE METRO a survey on the construction of the underground railroad in Moscow appeared at city Council repeatedly: in 1902, was considered the project of engineer…

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At the intersection of legends and superstitions which
At the intersection of legends and stories. The ancient village of Golshany is still one of the most mysterious places in Belarus The village of Golshany is rightly called the…

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Nits the Americans made “the Motherland” in the list of the most absurd buildings

Before may 9 the American edition included the memorial “Motherland” in the list of the most absurd buildings

American Internet services-website Business Insider, devoted to news about business and technology, has made a rating “the most absurd of the buildings of the Soviet era that are still standing”. Along with various buildings and memorials of the countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe, the list included the statue “the Motherland calls!”, located on Mamaev hill in Volgograd.

American website Business Insider today published a ranking of the 12 “the most absurd of the buildings of the Soviet era that are still standing”. This number also includes the monument “the Motherland”, located in Volgograd. As indicated in websitee, Volgograd figure, reaching a height of 85 meters, twice of the statue of Liberty. It should be noted that the list was published less than two weeks before the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

No parameters by which certain buildings were included in the ranking, Business Insider does not. However, the author list some annotation uses the words “strange” or “ugly”.

Just over a year ago a scandal broke out around CNN. Then she turned to the rating “the most ugly monuments of the world” Belarusian memorial “Brest fortress”, dedicated to the soldiers who fell during the great Patriotic war.

The ranking provoked an international scandal, after an internal investigation, and the plot was removed from websiteand the channel. The editors made a statement in which the company’s staff apologized for including the memorial in the rating of the ugliest monuments of the world.

“We realized that the mention in our article “Brest fortress-hero” insulted people in Belarus. We didn’t want to offend anyone, and apologize,” — said in a statement channel.

The statue “the Motherland calls!” is the work of Yevgeny Vuchetich is the center of the monument-ensemble “to Heroes of Stalingrad battle”. This battle became one of key during the great Patriotic war, along with the battle of Kursk, it turned the tide of the war. Soviet troops lost in the battle of Stalingrad more than a million people, Germany and its allies — about one and a half million people. Source

The most famous towers of the world
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Megaliths Interaction energies " Theory and hypothesis The history of science strongly suggests that often progress in any field is achieved by employing an entirely different science. A more thorough…

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