Ulm and Ulm Cathedral
Ulm and Ulm Cathedral Ulm is a small old town, but with the highest temple in the world. The old city with the highest Cathedral, here's what we know about…

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What nation is the most ancient
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The secrets of Ancient pyramids.

Ancient pyramids still remain a mystery to us

On Earth found so many ancient pyramids, but they are still so little understood. All the ancient pyramids show the age and culture of those people and Nations who built them. Of course, the most famous are the Egyptian pyramids . The main reason for such fame is their enormous size. Of these the most world-famous three pyramids, Khafre, Khufu, menkaure (menkaura). The pyramid of Cheops is the largest in the world. Its height is more than 150 meters. The great pyramid topped the list of “Seven wonders of the world”. This pyramid the oldest structure on this list. And, unfortunately, it is the only ancient structures that have survived to our time.

The Egyptian pyramids are the most numerous. They know about a hundred. They are located in different areas of Egypt and preserved in different ways. In their entire history of existence, and it is more than two centuries, they have not all studied and revealed. So, for example, in February 2013, archaeologists from Belgium discovered the pyramid of a vizier of Ramses II , which previously no one knew.

About other ancient pyramids of Egypt, we know less. There are several pyramids that are in the desert and they entered the pitch. Their whereabouts became known, using infrared images from space. Scientists have yet to explore these ancient findings.

There are many versions about the origin of the Egyptian pyramids. Some say that they built in Atlanta, others argue that it was done by other civilizations. But where is the truth? One thing is quite clear. The building was obviously involved high engineering evolution.

For example, the ancient pyramids of Djoser and hubs have round (puff), and a stepped shape. But the broken pyramid has to go back to the non-standard angle of inclination of the upper part.

There is no less known pyramids in other parts of our planet. The most famous of them are Mesoamerican . These pyramids built by the Mayans, Aztecs and other civilizations of the new world. They differ from the Egyptian pyramids. They were built not as tombs, but primarily as temples. They also had a stepped form, but they have flat tops. On these platforms carried out religious rites and ceremonies, including sacrifices.

The tombs in form of pyramids in China. Near the city of XI’an. Them there are about hundreds. But, unfortunately, they’re still closed and not investigated, as Chinese laws forbid to open Imperial burial grounds.

The Canary Islands also has six step pyramids of güímar . And on the Indian island of Java is quite unique pyramid baddow – Borobudur.

Probably, the mystery of the pyramids lies not in the peculiarities of their structures, for which practical or religious purposes, they were used at different times. And the fact that they are quite similar in architectural type of construction, though were built in different eras and different civilizations.

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