Dictionary - Cultural Studies
Dictionary Australopithecus (from the Latin South, with the Greek - and the monkey) - the family of fossil anthropoid obezyanu. Animism (from Latin - soul, spirit) - the belief in…

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The secrets of Ancient pyramids.
Ancient pyramids still remain a mystery to us On Earth found so many ancient pyramids, but they are still so little understood. All the ancient pyramids show the age and…

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Gothic ornament in architecture

Gothic ornament in architecture and interior

The Gothic style appeared in France in the twelfth century. It arose on the basis of the Romanesque style, which used the principle of clarity and transparency, the pursuit of constructive openness. The buildings and houses in the Gothic style are delicate, here applies the principle of uniformity of forms, and to achieve diversity, used numerous repeat elements, in different proportions, but similar in type. These elements created a feeling of delicate lace.

Gothic style in the interior

For the interior in the Gothic style is characterized by large Windows, various lighting effects, multi-window and accentuated the verticality of all structural members. Inherent in this style of features can be considered up desire, irrationality, ease, mysticism and expressiveness. Specific stylistic direction of the interior features Gothic ornament and stained glass in the traditional Gothic colours and shades. The stained glass is allowed to use not only Windows, but also on the deaf walls. As a complementary element of the interior in the Gothic style would look great tiled stove or a fireplace, luxuriously furnished. The ornament in the Gothic style is basically all the elements of the vegetable world, usually in the form of maple leaves and grapes, and geometric shape of the arch.

The colours in the aged ornament

Gothic style can be described as dark and cold, even bleak. It is characterized by ruby, Magenta, red, yellow, green, blue and bluish black color, and the clove-pink hues and silver and Golden threads. These shades give the interior in the Gothic style of mystery and gloom. If we talk about the materials characteristic of the Gothic style, it is various kinds of coloured wood – walnut, oak, spruce, European pine, larch, juniper. In addition, this style is inherent in wood carving, ceramics, stone and bone, metal and glass, which is decorated with Gothic ornament or enamel painting.

Furniture in the Gothic style

Gothic in its essence is simple not only in color but also in furniture. As a rule, in the interior there are all kinds of bookcases, screens, large bookcases with carvings that mimic the Gothic ornament on the Windows in the form of arcades, high double-wing cabinets and chests with iron rivets and buffets on high legs.

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