Mysterious spider tower

Mysterious spider tower had baffled even scientists

Surveying the trees in the forests of the Amazon, the graduate student found three others of similar design and reflected on their photos. Then he posted their pictures on various websiteOh, to find out what creature creates these structures. “They were all on a small island near the research center Tambopata and had small sizes – about 2 inches in diameter. Maybe someone will be able to explain their origin” said Troy to the visitors websites. But no one could give a clear answer. Moreover, tiny tower has baffled even scientists.

The first drew attention to the photosgraphy Troy biologist Phil Torres (Phil Torres) who has posted a linkson the page with mysterious photos on Twitter and thus began the discussion.

“I have no idea what it is and who has created this structure” said the entomologist from the Smithsonian tropical research Institute (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute), William Eberhard (William Eberhard).

“I saw photosgraphy, but was not able to understand which animal is responsible for creating the these small structures” – said the curator of the Department of the study of arachnids of the American Museum of natural history (American Museum of Natural History) Norms Paysite (Norm Platnick).

Arachnologist at Cornell University (Cornell University) Linda Rayor (Linda Rayor), said also don’t know who could build this structure, however, suggested that it might be some kind of lacewing.

Other scientists have suggested that these lesions may belong to one of the species of moths of the family Bucculatricidae, which kind of build fences around the eggs to protect them from predators. However, scientists admit that nothing like they had never seen. So who is responsible for the construction of these mysterious towers, still remains a mystery.


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