Pyramids in China

Pyramids in China

Mysterious structures that are found in different parts of the world, the pyramids have attracted the attention of both scientists and ordinary people interested in history and cosmology. The pyramids in China were first described by European salesman Schröder only at the beginning of the twentieth century, unlike similar constructions in Egypt and Central America that are famous around the world for a long time. Chinese pyramids are concentrated around the cities of XI’an and the three suns. The most famous chain of pyramids in the valley North of Sanjana, stretching for fifty kilometers and resembling the milky way. Pyramids in China by its architecture divided into stepped, consisting of two or more terraces, and not speed. Speed is reminiscent of the pyramids of the Sun and moon in Mexico.

White pyramid in China

The great White pyramid in China is the highest of the pyramids, located on the territory of the country. The great White pyramid in China is about 300 m, which is 2 times the height of the pyramid of Cheops. Only in the 90-ies of the last century, an Austrian researcher Hausdorf, with the permission of the authorities of China, visited the ancient structure to study. A pyramid constructed of tightly compacted clay, in ancient times it was lined with close-fitted blocks of white stone. At the present time because of the devastating impact of natural factors and of life people tolerably well preserved only the Western part of the structure. Apparently, on the earlier faces were carved stairs, which rose to the top. Now the steps are collapsed and virtually not allocated on the General background.

In the White pyramid is the tomb of Emperor Gao-Zong, who by his own orders was buried here in the VII century of our era. Thus, the Chinese monarch, knowing the antiquity of the construction, wished to join the history of China. The coordinates of the White pyramid in China is 34 degrees North latitude and 108 degrees East longitude. However, the largest Chinese pyramids are located in the specified geographical location.

Pyramid-antipode of XI’an is located Close to the pyramid-on the contrary, is the mirror image of the structure. One has the impression that initially in the ground he dug a huge pyramid, then pulled it out and left a huge mark. The explanation of this riddle today.

The secrets of Chinese pyramids

Like other similar constructions, ancient China pyramids keep many secrets. Built cyclopean structures approximately in the X century BC. According to information drawn from transcripts of ancient scrolls relating to the 5th Millennium BC, the pyramids are the result of the project Sons of Heaven, descended to Earth on “fire breathing dragons”. According to the archaeologist Wang Shipping all the pyramids are respectively calibrated astronomical aspects, which indicates a high development of mathematics and geometry from the creators of structures.

Analysis of the characteristics of pyramids, located on different continents, there is no doubt that built them representatives of one race (civilization?!) Moreover, it is anticipated that similar structures are found on Mars. There is an opinion that is quite high buildings located in different places of the Earth, served as beacons for the spaceships of aliens. The wildest speculation suggests that owing to the pyramids, resonating as a kind of antenna, was carried out of space contact with objects located billions of miles from Earth, and possibly with other spatial dimensions.

Currently in China there are nearly 400 ancient pyramids. Unfortunately, access to some facilities closed, but the territory of the individual complexes of the pyramids are open for tourists.

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