Germany: Stuttgart and Cologne

Germany: Stuttgart and Cologne

Next stop after a trip along the Romantic road in Germany was planned in Stuttgart. However, Die Straße Romantishe took longer than we had planned (and less than we wanted, when we realized where you were, and so we went at once to Cologne, where we had booked a hotel. Well, in Stuttgart got on the next day, thus making a hook under 750 miles. However, on the German autobahn so much nezdice. So, Stuttgart:


In this city I, of course, attracted and enticed the historical fact, which is closely and inseparably linked with Mercedes Benz. Here is the headquarters of the most famous, the oldest of the German automaker. Well, besides all other the most, Mercedes for me personally is, perhaps, the most respected car brand. Well, or one of the most respected.

In that part of town, where he established the company with a three-beam star, in addition to headquarters, there is a Museum of this brand. I have with great pleasure visited.

What can I say about this Museum? Much and long about him to speak, choking on the saliva and positive emotions From all automuseum that I already visited, this is, perhaps, the best. And the most well organized. In the price (8 Euro) includes use of interactive audio guide, which automatically enabled when switching from one room to another. In addition, each model exhibited in the Museum, not only has a sign with a description, but also a special sign on the label will bring the device to it, presses the button — the audio guide about the model will tell. Many languages, including Russian. Very convenient!

It’s not the biggest car Museum on the number of machines, but not the smallest. What’s more important — around exhibits enough space so that they do not interfere with each other, and the lighting is done very efficiently and beautifully. Well, the cars themselves are chosen and placed perfectly. First, the beginning of the last century.

There is the classic:

There are sports and concepts.

And many, many other interesting cars and halls. For example, a hall with Mercedes, made for celebrities, including the popemobile.

Rooms with trucks, buses, and other commercial and utility vehicles.

And much-much more — interesting, fascinating. After wandering around the Museum for a few hours, I went on a first (or zero) floor. Those who are hungry can eat here in the cafes and restaurants, but I was full of impressions, went on to look at young-timers — machines to the class of “retro” be attributed, but to the “classics” already. Young-timers sold — buy any. And while I certainly respect this brand, never considered Mercedes as a car that you can buy and drive (not Mature enough, probably, treating young-timers after visiting the Museum, I wanted very much to have something at least like this:

And I wanted to have some of the old Mercedes – or at least antimere so much that I was ready to commit any rash act of the sale type of buds 🙂 fortunately, I didn’t know how to Express it to me in German, so the car remained in the showroom, and all my organs in front of me 🙂

Then, after I finish describing the trip and write about interesting cars Greek Museum. about which is not yet written, will definitely come back to this topic and to these cars.

After visiting the Museum we MB in the company of father-in-law, who also went to the Museum, went to the center of Stuttgart, where he left his wives.

Probably, by itself, the Stuttgart is a beautiful city. I just could not move away from the impressions received in the Mercedes Benz Museum, and walked around the city /like a squirrel whose nuts have become even more/ little stunned, so for me it was a bit obscure

The centre of Stuttgart — gelatelno-stay:

Right there, close by, is a very old indoor market, which it still operates on the one hand, and is a historic landmark, where tourists drive to tell and show the history of the city.

Here in General and all about Stuttgart. Yes, the public toilet is still very funny in its center was:


Since we’re running behind schedule, studying the Romantic road of Germany, and Stuttgart was called in on the way, and from Cologne, and then come back to this town time we had a little, mostly only to sleep. As a consequence, — a little and impressions (photos below — views of Cologne from the window of our hotel room)

No matter how little time the main attraction Cologne to ignore we could not, and so at the last day (or rather morning) stay in the city went to see the Cologne Cathedral

This Cathedral is not just a huge — huge. We are very much looking for the point where it could be removed entirely. Hardly found, and even then, the Cathedral is still not fully entered the frame:

In addition to its impressive size, the Cathedral is considered a model of German Gothic:

Inside, the Cathedral continues to impress with its size:

And I still have the stained glass very much