The most famous towers of the world

The most famous towers of the world

There’s just so much interesting that so want to visit every corner of the Planet. However, to do this, unfortunately, is possible only to units. But to learn something new and interesting. For example, today we talk about the world’s largest constructions.

Talking about famous towers in the world, it is impossible not to remember the very first structure, which had gathered around his erection thousands of people. This, of course, talking about the tower of Babel. the presence of which is confirmed not only by religious legends, but also historical evidence. This tower was a multi-level complex, which ended with the temple of Marduk under his dome.

Very often construction projects of a political or technical importance towered without the ambitions or goals to achieve the level of cultural monuments. That’s what happened with the construction of the world famous Eiffel tower in Paris, which now collects near every day hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Initially it disgusted the French, who considered the erection of ugliness for the whole city. Well-known cultural figures of the time opposed its construction and sent lots of petitions, notes of protest to the city administration. However, the “iron lady” withstood all the criticism with dignity and to serve the basis for reception of a television signal. Today it is difficult to imagine the image of Paris, and throughout France without construction of this embodiment.

One of the most famous sights around the world is the leaning tower of Pisa which is in Italy. Its first stone was laid back in the year 1173, however, with construction due to incorrect calculations used four times less material for the Foundation than expected. This is already evident in the construction of the 4 tiers of this design, when the tower started to lean. It made a certain contribution to science, allowing Galileo to study the speed of falling bodies. Despite many earthquakes and bombings during the war times, the tower was able to survive by continuing to continue to increase its radius of tilt. In 1990 it was closed for reconstruction, and was able to straighten the exhaust out of five meters 18 centimeters. This is a small amendment, in the opinion of the architects, will allow the tower to stand in this form more than 100 years.

Russia is also famous for its famous towers, the most famous of which is the Spasskaya tower in the Kremlin, the Sukharev tower and high-rise building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, and the high-rise building of University the Moscow state University in Moscow.

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