What dreams Castle

The ABCs of dream interpretation

The castle is a monumental structure symbolizes strength of character, reliable the seat of the soul.

The lack that we’re in a hurry — our last hope, salvation.

Sinister, a strange castle — the threat, the enemy camp.

Castle — symbolizes the inaccessibility to any area.

The American dream book

Keyhole — you are close to solving the problem, or in your life you should see the new direction, but not immediately. Return to the dream and imagine that you have a key for this door and you open it. This is very helpful in real life

Oriental dream book

If you’re in an old castle — so you will have enough money to lead the life you want.

An old abandoned castle — shows that in your heart still has a place for romance. However, try not to go too far, because nothing portends a happy marriage.

To dream that you’re leaving the castle — a warning about possible loss or robbery .

Italian dream book

The castle is a classic stereotype (ilen, parent simplifying, limiting, regulating effects) and represents a powerful adverse internal control or super-ego, preventing the free development and self-expression.

The newest dream book

Russian folk dream book

Castle — a fairy dream symbol about wealth and cloudless life.

To dream of a huge and beautiful castle that floats above the ground means exaggerated claim.

Family dream book

Saw an old, overgrown with ivy castle — know that you are a romantic, so be careful in choosing a spouse (spouses). To the current, this dream warns that your business Affairs can come into disrepair.

Dreamed leaving from castle — oopswebsiteect of a robbery.


To see a magnificent castle — portends a difficult disease.

Modern dream interpretation

If You dream that You are in the castle You will have sufficient funds to make life the way You like it. You have the opportunity to become a famous traveler and enjoy communicating with people of different Nations.

To dream of old, overgrown with ivy castle — which means that probably You will visit the romantic mood, but be careful: this can all end an undesirable marriage. Your business can change for the worst.

To dream that You are leaving the castle — a warning that You are robbed or deprived of property, and possibly You will lose a loved one.

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