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Why built the Great wall of China?

Why built the Great wall of China?

Semeiko was Vladimir, chief of staff of the FSA, honorary doctorate Brussels University, 07.11.2006

Says the President of the Academy of fundamental Sciences Andrey tyunyaev:

As you know, North of the territory of modern China, there was another, much more ancient civilization. This is repeatedly confirmed by archeological discoveries made in particular, in Eastern Siberia. Impressive evidence of this civilization, comparable to the Arkaim in the Urals, not only is still not well studied and understood world history, but never received a proper evaluation in Russia itself. As for the so-called “Chinese” walls, then talk about it as about the achievements of ancient Chinese civilization is not quite legitimate. Here to confirm our scientific correctness it is enough to cite only one fact. LOOPHOLES in large parts of the wall are NOT DIRECTED TO the NORTH AND SOUTH! And this is clearly evident not only in the most ancient, the reconstructed sections of the wall, but even on recent photosgrafik and in the works of Chinese figure.

Earlier by the Chinese themselves was a discovery about the ancient Chinese writing another nation. There is already published work showing that these people were Slavs Aryans.

So, who built the great wall, which today is called the Chinese? Whom and who was she protecting?

And my collection of photos on this topic.

Note which side the sun is shining. This is the South side. And how are the turrets? Also from the South. So who defended hozjaiva wall?

Information from some sources:

Arimia Rusichi called Ancient China. The ruler of China decided to wage an aggressive, predatory war against the great Race. Great Dragon was defeated in this war, and this event was immortalized in ancient history. The white rider(God – hero), striking spear Dragon(the ancient serpent), was depicted in the frescoes and bas-reliefs of ancient Temples and various buildings of the great Race.

At the Fall equinox, a time of New year, on this day Ahriman(the ruler of Arimei) and the Asuras(AC – God, living on Earth, Ur – habitable, fertile Land) – Light Prince of the Holy Race, signed a peace Treaty between the warring powers, the Great Dragon(Ahriman) and the great Race(Asura). Since then, appeared the chronology from the Creation in the Star Temple(name of the year of Krugolet Kikoboga).

A Wall built by the Chinese as indemnity.

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