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Dictionary - Cultural Studies
Dictionary Australopithecus (from the Latin South, with the Greek - and the monkey) - the family of fossil anthropoid obezyanu. Animism (from Latin - soul, spirit) - the belief in…

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The most mysterious place in St. Petersburg

The most mysterious place in St. Petersburg.

This Sunday I visited one of the most mysterious places in St. Petersburg.

This place is widely known.

But I have in the last few years have not encountered a single eyewitness who had been there.

This place is easily accessible and a narrow circle of people often goes there (it’s not the top of the Alexander column, which everyone knows, but no one there was.

But at this point almost no one has gone before.

In any case, almost certainly, none of the readers there this year was not.

Try to guess.

Try at least approximately to guess what this place is.

It is a mysterious and rare place – the state academic Capella of St. Petersburg.

Yesterday there was a concert dedicated to the Day of the Lyceum.

October 19 – opening day, the birthday of the Lyceum.

Performed works on poems by Pushkin.

I wouldn’t got to a concert (vanity, you know), but promised that it would be a very good guide that guides the courtyards and inner rooms of the Chapel.

And I’ve always wanted to walk through the Chapel and something extra to know about their yards.

The chapel for me is a place where I think of my student youth.

I remember how after the show I ran through the yards on the subway to to catch the train. If I remember correctly, I had a normal exactly 20 minutes to get dressed, jump out and run to the subway. And in those days, the yards of Capella St. Petersburg were common courtyards, moderately dirty and unkempt.

I was so proud when he discovered the mysterious course yards Bolshaya Konyushennaya, and there to the metro. It seemed to me that nobody knows this move and no one goes.

1. Come to the Chapel.

The left and right of the entrance to the Chapel wings. I always wondered whether it is the premises of the Chapel, or not.

It turns out that those wings on the right and left of the entrance to the Chapel is given to the disposal of the Petersburg Governor of Ukrainian origin into luxury housing. Hard to believe that there was no place for high-end housing except in the areas which once belonged to the Chapel.

2. The left wing of the Chapel (enter from Palace square). Earlier in this wing of the workers lived Chapel. These facilities now selected by the city.

3. The Royal entrance.

Regular input was always left in the corner. And through this Central entrance leads directly into the Royal Lodge. The king and his guests passed through this entrance when visiting the Chapel.

4. Entering through the Imperial entrance, climb into a small room in front of the Imperial box.

5. The entrance to the yards of Capella. Through this passage under the arch leads to the Big stables. Before this path led yards of old asphalt and trash cans along. Now everything was quite different. Reconstruction of the yards of Capella were carried out on money of the EBRD.

6. And this is the way Bolshaya Konyushennaya through the courts. View from the Grand stables. Now this house was completely private. And the Chapel is grateful to the new owners that they leave posters Chapel. That is, everything remains as I remember it was 20 years ago.

7. Passing through the gallery, we find ourselves in a small room of the library. Previously, I’ve never been. This is already the classrooms.

8. Then fall into a long corridor with a number of classes. Wonderful antique doors, all dilapidated, but inspiring respect by its antiquity and its high purpose. From behind the door to hear the harmonies of the students. In the hallway crowded with young musicians with their instruments.

9. At the end of a long corridor, and a room for choir rehearsals. This is a wide hall with steps for the choir. Right on the wall a portrait of Alexy II. The Chapel’s long-standing friendly relations with the Theological Academy. It is their gift.

The chapel was founded for the training of choristers in Church choirs. For a long time ( a Capella, as the establishment is over 500 years old) studied here, only men and boys. If I’m not mistaken, it was only after the war here began to gain and women.

10. Here is a room for choir rehearsals. Windows it overlooks the courtyard. From the courtyard we were shown these Windows on the second floor.

11. On the second floor Windows of the hall for rehearsals of the choir. The old part of the Chapel, kept his appointment.

12. View from the Grand stables. Posters Chapel hang like 20 years ago. On the second floor (the balcony is visible one) was the apartment of Rimsky-Korsakov, when he led the Chapel. Now nothing remains of that time. Museum of Rimsky Korsakov the Chapel there was not allowed to do. There is a wonderful Museum in Tikhvin right in front of the monastery.

13. And this is the view of the apartment of Rimsky-Korsakov from the yard. The patio looks wonderful. Not the way I remember it 10 years ago.

14. And this is the hotel in the yard of the Chapel. It has nothing to do with the Chapel. And staff, of course, to her dislike. It is only fair. How else can there be to clear the invaders? These apartments with views of the courtyard, once belonged to the staff of the Chapel. Now they belong to someone else.

15. The restaurant staff Choir also consider squatting.

16. And this is the view of the concert hall from the courtyard. On the second floor gallery, which was built later for the transition from concert parts (right) in training (left).

Now with gallery exhibitions. Today there photos-exhibition of the churches of the Leningrad region.

17. Here’s the gallery in more detail. Earlier in the yard to grow more trees were the households. buildings. Boys-sometimes students set fire to something smoky to see firefighters arrive.

Now let’s move to the concert hall.

Hall is considered the best acoustics in St. Petersburg. And I have not heard that it is the opinion of someone challenged. Also in the Chapel is the best organ (4000 pipes) recently renovated. Money for the restoration of the authority allocated on the orders of Putin.

18. The Tsar’s box. The eagle above it. If not mistaken, the restoration of one of this eagle was worth several million rubles (about 8).

19. The balcony of the concert hall. Don’t remember if I had ever to sit on the balcony. Such a stir in the Chapel, probably rarely observed.

20. The restoration of the Chapel spent about 100 million rubles. It is very small, in my opinion. Only lasted for a hall, auxiliary, and classrooms didn’t have enough money.

21. In the center – Olga Kondina. Folk artist, teacher. Her students today were all in the evening. To her right a girl with bare shoulders. If not mistaken, this is Alexandra Popandopulo (without smiles, is a surname such). I am so shocked by her singing, that I, first, repulsed all hands, clapping, and, secondly, the other notable singer on her background just got lost. To the right in a red dress – Elena Vitis, also sang. But I forgot about it when I heard Popandopulo:)

Say what you will, but the name for the artist is quite memorable:)

What surprised me at this concert.

Don’t know how to explain, but I was absolutely stunned by the singing of these often quite young artists. I’m not an audiophile and not a fan of choral singing. But the impression was very amazing.

When Olga Kondina performed “don’t sing beauty to me.” I see that she has a lot to teach their students. It also became clear that no recording equipment will not be able to transmit such power of live voice and live energy.

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