Reims Cathedral – a Gothic masterpiece

Reims Cathedral – a Gothic masterpiece

A true masterpiece of a Mature Gothic architecture is the Cathedral in the French city of Reims . located in the heart of the champagne region . According to legend, on the eve of the baptism of Clovis from heaven was sent forth the dove, which brought the chrism for the anointing of the king. With this event began the tradition of the coronation of the kings of France in Reims.

The oldest building of the Cathedral was built in 401 BC on the site of the present temple. The second Cathedral, consecrated by Ingmara Rheims, was built in the year 852, however, in 1210, the building was completely destroyed by fire. The first stone of the temple we see today was laid in 1211 by Archbishop Aubry de Umber, and in 2011 the famous Cathedral celebrated its 800th anniversary .

The people who created the Cathedral, put him in his soul, spending on the construction of 64 years . On the one hand, the Reims Cathedral – the symbol of royalty and pride of the French people . his precious heirloom. On the other hand, he is one of the richest examples of Gothic art, which is dedicated to our lady. Researchers call the Cathedral “Academy of arts” . where they joined the works of the greatest architects and sculptors of the XII century. Cathedral length – about 140 m, width – about 30 meters. In one of the towers there are two large bells, one of which was cast in the middle of the XVI century and is called “Charlotte”.

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Monuments of town planning Ukrainian SSR

 Over a narrow wooden pews were placed choirs, the entrance to which was from the top deck of the slope of the mountain. During the invasion of Batu Khan, the monastery was damaged, but Elias Church survived.

At the end of the XVI century the main volume of the Church was raised to the level of the top of the Gables and developed complete multi-profiled cornice, was also built an apse. Over her and above the pews were constructed of small chapters. The Church purchased a cubic volume and became three-headed.

In 1649 Elias Church converted: demolished ancient porch and a Western pentagonal extension, which allows to increase the internal space by dismantling large parts of the ancient Western facade of the wall, adjacent to the ancient narthex, Chora destroyed. Western Chapter was also dismantled, but has a Chapter on the extension. Built the Central dome, which became a much-salomei. Monument acquired the features characteristic of the Baroque style in Ukraine. In this form it has reached our time. The monument of time, triceps, in terms of one-neny with a rectangular vestibule of the same width with the nave and a semicircular apse, the devil-stolbny. The cupola drum of the Central dome arches are included in the wall. The temple facades are segmented with blades.

Spatial resolution miniature physical size of the temple is high-rise development through a multi-tiered conclusion.

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The most unusual structure

The unusual architecture of the houses — that is, a departure from generally accepted standards or creative expression of their designers seeking to differentiate their creations from the gray mass of ordinary buildings?

The dancing house in Prague

This amazing structure is located in the heart of Prague on the Vltava river, in the district Reslova street. Exact address “Dancing house”: Rasinovo nabrezi, 80.

Floating castle in Ukraine (Floating Castle)

And for this structure and support not really. Flying castle literally hangs in the air.

It would seem that the laws of gravity is a common thing for all, and not as cool, and be kind to respect them, otherwise the building will collapse. But there are people who sneeze on all of these gravity and build houses, on which the idlers look and say “How do they not fall?!”. We will look also.This standing on a single pole mysterious levitating farm house in a fantastic film. It is believed that this is an old bunker for mineral fertilizers surplus, but we believe that its design clearly had a hand (paw? tentacle?) the alien architects.

Upside-down house (Syzmbark, Poland)

Unusual work of artist and architect Daniel Czapiewski built in the village of Szymbark, Poland. The main singularity Continue reading

Creating a microclimate in underground structures
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Gothic architecture
Navigation As is often the case in art history, the term "Gothic" was initially a disparaging value. In 1533 Rabelais translated it into French, and a few decades later, Giorgio…

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